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Klonopin (Clonazepam) Withdrawal Symptoms Duration

11.23.2018 | Daniel Kendal

I am tapering off the same dose and have been on it just as long. Hi Laurie. How are you doing today? Deb. I just read your story.

I have every symptom listed above, I think I am dying almost every second of everyday. Does anyone know of a callous doctor that refuses to step a patient down that has been on Klonopin for 20/years, peaking at 4/mgs a day? I was able to get to 2/mgs in the past 8/months, however for the doctor to say no more has put me in a place I term HELL. Angie. I think I am dying all day, and have not slept in over a week. This EVIL woman will not help me. What can I do. Someone please help me.

25 mg per day and I have been decreasing by. I have had some really rough days full of anxiety, sure hope I feel better once I get off this. I am down to. 125 mg every 2 weeks. Hi. I hope you are doing ok. I am weaning off clonazepam 1 mg that I have been on and off over the last couple of years.

Although this drug is most commonly prescribed for epileptic seizures, it has a variety of other uses including: treatment of anxiety disorders (including social phobia), migraine headaches, mania, acute psychosis, hyperekplexia, parasomnia, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, as well as restless leg syndrome. It is also a valid short-term treatment option for bruxism. It works like other benzodiazepines by affecting the GABAA receptor to stimulate GABA (a calming neurotransmitter) in the brain.

Side effects of stopping clonazepam
Klonopin (Clonazepam) Withdrawal Symptoms Duration

The symptoms that you experience during withdrawal may subside within a few weeks or they may linger for months following your last dose. Some people that quit cold turkey may experience a post acute withdrawal phase in which they experience symptoms long after the drug has been out of their system. As was already mentioned, there are many factors that will influence both the severity of withdrawal as well as how long symptoms last. There is no exact recovery duration that you can expect when you withdraw.

It is widely regarded as a first-line treatment option for seizures, but is not a viable long term treatment solution based on the fact that patients quickly develop a tolerance. In addition to being used to help treat seizures, it can provide major relief for individuals who are prone to panic attacks. Klonopin (Clonazepam) is a benzodiazepine drug that is commonly prescribed for management of epileptic seizures as well as anxiety and panic attacks.

It looks like the website made the website address into a link. Bonus! Look for The Ashton Manual under the subheadings. P.S.

I’m a 48 yo female and have been on a very low dose for 20 years. Please reach out anyone who wants to buddy up on trying to wean off Klonopin. I can’t believe I’m going through such hell over this. Right now I take a. The highest dose was 1 mg and the lowest was. I only removed 1/4 of the pill about 3 months ago and it has taken me until today, and 3 months of extreme bitchiness to discover I cannot tolerate the step down from 3/4 of the pill to 1/2. 5 mg pill and use 1/2 the pill daily (.25mg) split into 2 doses. 25. Wow.

I am weaning because I know it’s not a good drug and I felt by body being so addicted to it, just waiting to take my next dose. However it did help the head pressure. First went on it due to anxiety caused by having a lot of head pressure due to an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. Had tubes put in my ears and that was 10x worse. Have been on it for a year. It’s only been a week. I am in the process of weaning off of Klonopin at 57 years old.

Adults that take this medication for seizures typically take 3 doses of 1.5 mg. How much Klonopin did you take? If you took the maximum daily dose of 20 mg for an extended period of time, it is likely going to take a significant amount of time to taper down and recover. Individuals taking this for panic disorder typically take it in doses of. 25 mg or 1 mg per day. Generally the higher the dose you take consistently over a long period of time is going to result in a more severe withdrawal. Another factor that plays a huge role in determining the length and severity of withdrawal is that of dosage.

Thanks soo much!!!. I was wondering how slowly you tapered from? I have been on it for 6 months only taking at night. Read a lot of horror stories that I am scared lol :(. Would like to slowly taper with as little side effects as possible :). 75mg for situational anxiety and panic.

So if you were taking 1 mg of Klonopin per day, it would take you approximay 8 weeks (2 months) to fully withdraw to 0 mg. Some have stated that the proper way to taper off of Klonopin is by reducing the total daily dose by 0.125 mg (1/8 mg) on a weekly basis. Cold turkey withdrawal may result in potentially dangerous symptoms such as experiencing a seizure. It is highly important to taper off of this drug as opposed to quitting cold turkey.

It has been found that one-third of all patients on Klonopin for longer than 4 weeks develop tolerance. When it comes time to withdraw from the medication, the withdrawal process can be overwhelming and riddled with unbearable symptoms. Even though this drug may work as a great short-term solution for epilepsy and anxiety, many people end up staying on it for lengthy terms.

Generally the longer and more consistently you used a drug, the more gradually you will need to taper off of it. People that were on it for an extended period can expect a much longer withdrawal period and typically more severe withdrawal symptoms in comparison to someone who was on it for a shorter-term. How long were you taking Klonopin? If you use this drug consistently every day for years, you are going to have a significantly more difficult time with the withdrawal process.

I went on it 18 yrs ago because of anxiety after back surgery. A new NP wanted me to come off in 2014 and I was willing. I am 60 yrs old and tapering off clonazepam. I was on 1mg 2x daily. I am so glad I found this blog.

On day 6 he put me back on them to taper off in 7 days. He had me stop the morning meds and the next 2 nights. I cannot function. My biggest fear is I cannot go back to that with withdraw feeling. It scares me. 50 then stop. Can any one give me advice?. I recently changed Drs and this Dr wants me off of this medication as do I. During that time I would not sleep after day 4 it was like I gave up the fight and just sat and laid. Hi I am 55 years and have been taking 1 mg twice a day for 7 years.

It worked with the Ativan, even though the tapering dosage was obviously not exact. Yayyy…be encouraged everyone!. With determination, reading online forums, and mostly through God’s grace and mercy, I successfully come off of Ativan several months ago, and it actually wasn’t too bad.

I have had my hormones tested, changed my diet, been using supplements and vitamins, see a nutritionist and functional medicine Doctor etc. I have such little patience and blow up over the smallest things. Hi. Well, finalllly realized it may be coming from my VERY gradual tapering off of Klonopin. Just found this site after months of trying to figure out why I’m experiencing episodes of severe agitation and irritability.

He treated me for the akathisia but couldn’t see me any more because he no longer took my insurance. He could not put me back on the clonazepam. I did fine until the last 1/4 night tablet then went into severe withdrawal finally ending up with something called akathisia diagnosed by my old dr who had left the clinic.

I am very stubborn and wanted off. The withdrawal symptoms made me feel horrible but made me want off the drugs because I couldn’t believe how horrible I felt. You CAN do this. I just successfully weaned off of Klonopin after 16 years. I was on 1.5 mg/day. I wanted to come back and post hope, as I feel like what got me through my withdrawal was forums and hopeful notes online. I had a pretty rough week and felt like I had a horrible flu.

Make sure that you always taper if you were on this medication for a reasonable length of time. In other words, you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms that persist for months after your last dose. Additionally many people cannot handle the severity of the acute withdrawal symptoms associated with cold turkey withdrawal. It is thought that tapering too quickly and/or cold turkey withdrawal can result in post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

It IS possible, and you CAN do it! And you said you’re “strong-willed”, which is fantastic. I wish you well.

Below are a list of common withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when you stop taking Klonopin. Keep in mind that your withdrawal experience will be unique and that you may not experience every symptom on the list. The list below can simply be used as a reference and for validation that what you are experiencing is in fact a result of medication withdrawal.

I was without klonopin for about two weeks before realizing why I was feeling so ill. I certainly couldn’t go cold turkey. Getting off of klonopin is hell. Angie, I hope you are okay. I just read your post and know this is too late, but I hope you got to another doctor. I had a similar situation when I moved to another island and the pharmacy would not honor my old prescription.

Quitting cold turkey can also delay the response of your brain to recognize that it is no longer receiving the drug. If you have an experience withdrawing from this particular drug, feel free to share your experience in the comments below. Some individuals have reported it taking a full year or two before they are fully recovered. Therefore it expects to continue functioning the way that it did while on the drug, and its functioning is impaired. Assuming you properly taper, the withdrawal symptoms will likely last from several weeks to several months.

I am strong-willed and will do this, but need advice, given my story above, on the rate of tapering down to zero. I have been on. pill per night–by cutting the pill into quarters. 5 mg.clonazepam per day for 18 years, and after reading about the long-term effects, decided to quit. Many thanks. I am doing this on my own, as my doctor knows nothing about how to get off the drug except to “do it slowly,” and I don’t have the money to go to another doctor or a rehab doctor. 5 mg. I can function, but I have a host of the predictable symptoms listed on websites. For the past seven days, I have been taking 3/4 of a.

My best friend was ibuprofen- I had to take some each day to fight the flu feelings (super achy, sore, sick) and each day I’f try to take it later and later. If you’re just too uncomfortable, take a small evening dose as part of your weaning off. But I needed it for a out a week. I’d take a little in the morning and if it’s possible, skip the evening. Unfortunay I started taking Effexor and now I’m struggling to get off that – bit Klonopin is done!. Good luck- it felt great to be off of it after so long. My advice: go down as you feel comfortable.

Now I just feel stuck!. Anyway I’m really confused and scared because no one really seems to know how to you can’t just cold turkey so what do you do? I started taking the medication 1 mg a day because I had panic attacks whenever I would drive. I also just started seeing a psychologist now and of course they can’t prescribe anything for you so far she hasn’t said too much about me quitting the Klonopin.

Using this drug for an extended period of time changes things within your brain including neurotransmitter functioning (specifically GABA) and is well known to have an effect on cognitive functioning (specifically memory). If you quit cold turkey, you can expect both physical and psychological symptoms to linger for longer than if you conduct a gradual taper. Keep in mind that although you may have had Klonopin out of your body for weeks, it takes time for your brain and physiology to readapt to functioning without the influence of a powerful drug.

125 mg. clonazepam before bed. 1st and drop to. in the morning and then again at night), or just. 125 mg. I am doing well–now at. Any suggestions about whether to take the final. 125 mg. at night?. 125 mg. I’ve been here for about six weeks now, and my plan is to bite the bullet after Jan. I am so grateful for your inligent and measured response. clonazepam in the a.m., and. per day. 125 mg. per day in two doses (.0625 mg. Sorry I’m late to responding…didn’t check for this until now.

2016 still going. and. I exercise most every day or 5-6 days a week. 5 in the p.m. When I started I was on. If you’d like to continue chatting please visit this forum regularly. and. 17 in the a.m. I will say do not run out and start excising aggressively, take it easy. using water titration. I started in July 2015 and now Jan. I am at. This last bit has been the most difficult. 5 in the a.m. 17 in the p.m. Susan, I hope you check this regularly. God Speed.

They want me to and I don’t want on such a dangerous med. I am pretty anxious at times and seem to cry a lot. I went down 1/8 of the morning pill for 2 weeks, then have started on another 1/8, and should start on another 1/8 this Friday.

Was gonna hold here for a bit. Hi Deb, We sent the same question to Laurie because we are on the same dose and trying to get off. Feel free to send me an and we can compare notes. -Laura. I am on the same dose she stated she was taking.

I am tapering again. I could finally sleep at night but the days were terrible. I finally found a new psychiatrist who put me back on klonopin partly because I was found to have breast cancer and I still was suffering from akathisia.

I was taking 0.5 mg morning and night. Can’t sleep, body shaking and head pressure is worse than ever. My doc wants me to take nortriptyline for the head pressure but I was wondering if I should wait until I am compley weaned or should I slowly add it, taking it at night. Want to get back to the old “me”. I cut that in half. Thanks. Any suggestions? When should I start to cut this dose in half again? Would really love some support.

How are you? How did you end up tapering? Laura. Same dosage. Feeling crappy and wanting to hold on this dose for a bit. Laurie, I am in the same boat.

I’m looking forward to a happy 2015!. In any event, overall I am improved over what I was experiencing before I began withdrawing from the medication. The symptoms have lessened considerably, though I have occasional very bad days. I am extremely glad I listened to online commenters and chose to do a very gradual tapering. When that happens, I slog through them, and generally the next day I am much improved.

Some people will naturally recover and experience less discontinuation effects than others. Sometimes severe withdrawal symptoms can lead to major increases in anxiety and depersonalization among the hypersensitive. It is also important to consider individual physiology and environmental factors when it comes to withdrawal. Certain people are hypersensitive to the withdrawal process and may experience more severe symptoms. Social support and environment can also influence a person’s ability to cope with the withdrawal.

Now I’ve been through two psychiatrists: one wanted to put me on the same dose plus another drug but wouldn’t explain what this new one was going to do for me. 5mg, once at night. Anyway, I hope you found an answer to your problem. It doesn’t hurt you.” I’ve tapered down to. It’s taken about a year now to get to that point. I changed to another doctor who said, “Just keep taking it. I feel for you.

Additionally certain individuals may experience increases in depression as a result of this particular drug; it is thought that Klonopin may aggravate major depression in the long-term. Despite the fact that this drug works well to treat a variety of conditions, staying on it for a long-term is thought to be problematic. Long term usage of Klonopin or any other benzodiazepine has been linked to development of permanent memory problems as well as dementia.

This is so encouraging, thank you. :).

I guess we will see what happens. Started my klonopin taper this past Monday from. This stuff is wicked bad. I have been on varying dosages for 4 years…1 mg a day down to. First 2 days the most insane migraines ever. First, I would argue that we did not have the conversation, but it just became an 8-10 times a day thing and I started looking silly. I’m trying to hang tough and was hoping to slide to. 5. 25 in 2-3 weeks. Now having crazy memory loss…like don’t ever remember having the conversation memory loss. 5 to 3/4 of a pill.

Note : Following discontinuation, Klonopin stays in your system for 5 to 14 days along with its primary metabolite 7-aminoclonazepam (7-ACLO). Realize that many of the discontinuation symptoms may become most severe after the drug and its metabolites have been fully excreted.

When it comes to withdrawal from any medication, especially a benzodiazepine, there are factors that will influence the severity of withdrawal. These factors include things like time span, the dose of the drug, your individual physiology, as well as how quickly you tapered off of the drug.

After talking to a nurse with BCBS she said that it can get me where LESS meds work better…so I was all for it. But HE wasn’t going to be the one to do. He said that I’d have to get my PM Care doc to handle it. I called his office and explained to his head nurse what was going on. I called them and they said that if they adjusted my meds in any way that it would VOID my contract with my pain doc.

(Actually a bit more a long time ago.) I decided to simply break off a tip of my half dose in the morning and also at night for a week or two, then break off the other tip for a couple weeks, etc. Laurie, congratulations! I am looking forward to a Happy 2016, especially beginning in a few months when I will have Klonopin out of my system…after 19 years on. 5mg.

Hi Laurie, You might want to read the Ashton Manual at (that’s not a link). I stayed at each dose for two-three weeks, before making the next cut. It has excellent, detailed info about benzodiazepines and the safest ways to taper off them. It required my doctor’s help for the prescription, of course, and doing it this way allowed my body an easier ride than I was having with clonzepam. However, you might be fine. Slow and steady is the way to go. 5 mg twice a day. I wasn’t able to come off this medication without switching to a longer-acting benzodiazepine — namely, diazepam. I’d been on it for 6 1/2 years —.

I have one of those callous docs you mentioned. I broke my neck, back & ruptured several discs in 1993. I’ve had 9 neck and back surgeries, a host of other surgeries….a total of 30 which includes putting in an intrathecal pain pump, (I’m on my 5th pump). Last month at my visit to my pain care doc he said he wanted me to take “a holiday from my meds” 1 wk in the hospital and 1 wk at home to try to reboot my system.

I feel so ashamed but I am so afraid of the withdrawals so I went back to my primary caregiver who could only give me one refill or two – and also he put me on lexapro which I have not taken as a way to get me or wean me off of the Klonopin. Hi Susan I read your story and really feel for you as too am trying to find a way to wean or taper off. I have been getting my pills from a friend who takes them too. My doctor retired. I’ve been taking 1mg’s for 10 years now.

Side effects of stopping clonazepam